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Charles Bridge Charles Bridge

One of Prague's most famous landmarks, Charles Bridge (karluv most) is adorned with some 30 statues depicting various Saints. I took this picture from the roof of the Old Town Bridge Tower (Stare Mesto Bridge Tower). A long climb up many steps, but well worth it.
St Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle

St Vitus Cathedral

Saint Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle. The Cathedral is a "must see". It's interior is quite simply awe inspiring. The Castle surrounds a series of large court yards and is virtually a self contained town. The Castle has always been the seat of the Czech rulers and it is not uncommon to see local parliamentary dignitaries being ferried to and fro in large black cars. Be sure to take a stroll down "Golden Lane" whist you are visiting.
New Town

New Town

Prague is always full of surprises and if this walking billboard took two steps back, the tram would give him one too!